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splensoft is a world-class software and web development firm. We have all the tools and abilities to create, support and maintain the entire vision of your idea, whether its a new video game or the next entertainment medium. It's our routine to conceptualize full-stack solutions and realize your dreams. We can prove it because we do it, every single day.

Art or database. Drawing board or deployment pipelines. Multi-million-dollar investment or limited-capital startup. Your goals are splensoft's next big thing, even if its your first small thing.

We don't pad our numbers, because we didn't make them: Our clients awarded them to us.
We don't sweep projects under the rug: we craft years of nonstop success by doing everything it takes to break all barriers.
Our portfolio doesn't just speak volumes: It yells in triumph on the tallest mountains.
Businesses around the world put their trust in splensoft because our holistic approach to digital media changes lives and shapes the world.

Don't take our word for it. Read on.

what they say

John was fantastic. Responsive, flexible and delivers outstanding quality. I will not hesitate to work with him again.

- Khalid Shaka, game designer

"Finding John was the best thing that could have happened for my start-up. Brilliant programmer and an awesome partner. Will definitely be using John again in the future."

- Michael Pifer, CEO, Pixl3D

"Working with John on my motion tracking-driven WebGL project was fantastic ... I have yet to come across a consultant that delivers results at John's level of responsiveness. Worth every penny."

- David Allen, award-winning digital artist

"John's attention to details and his daily development reports gave us a clear understanding of the process and the progress. Above all, John was a pleasure to work with and his production was extremely valuable."

- Thomas Ingle, disc golf course architect and magnate

"John is an exceptionally talented developer with a robust comprehension of design principles, and how to apply them with exceeding efficacy. Hiring him turned our video game from a panic attack, to a creative experiment."

- Zach Moldof, musician and entrepreneur

100% satisfaction rate

The pros you're looking for? That's us. splensoft has what it takes to leave you in awe; just ask our clients.

100% positive reviews

The writing's on the wall: The quality of our work does the talking.

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We'll handle as much or as little as you need, from concept to distribution.


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Our jobs range from standard to bleeding edge; start-up to enterprise. Each project exhibits solid development principals and AAA quality.


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